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01 Akiva Riech

Akiva Reich is the man behind Gowanus Hospitality Group. He endows much of his success, however, to the community that surrounds him, including not just the extraordinary people, but also the history of the buildings themselves and all of the potential that awaits cultivation.


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03 Gowanus Hospitality Group

Located in the historic neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn, Gowanus Hospitality Group is comprised of several dynamic and contrasting venues as well as design, performance, catering, gallery, and social companies that animate the Group on a daily basis. We are prideful of the Brooklyn community in which we live and eagerly endeavor to provide a variety of soulful forums for working, dining, and celebrating life.


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Tel: 1 718-522-3363

452 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

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